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These release notes provide information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed since the last release, listed by change reason.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

November 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • The Create New Employee form and Contract tab now have a Volunteer option which you can use for unpaid workers.

    The Volunteer option only displays if you have a Not-for-Profit licence.

    If you deselect the flag, the system will add the volunteer to your primary licence. Contact your Account Manager for more information about Not-for-Profit licences.

    Full Not-for-Profit functionality coming soon.

  • Improved the process when adding HR and adviser contact details into the system.

October 2023

Performance Release

Product Enhancements

  • We have released a number of changes to improve system performance.

Product Release

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • The Screen Builder now has a Read-only column. This applies to desktop only, not Android or iOS.

  • Updated the Where Clause Builder so that the Logical drop-down does not default to OR when selecting Not Equal to from the Operator drop-down.

  • You can now enter non-Latin characters into the fields displayed in the Equipment tab as well as in Contacts and the Company Handbook.

  • You can now batch export candidate documents using the new Document Export option in the Recruit module.

September 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Increased the Ethnic Origin lookup character limit in the Recruit module from 50 to 100 characters.

    Refer to Create a new General option for information on how to create a new option.

  • Navigating to System Tools > Utilities > Tools and selecting Total Disk Space used by Company & Employee Documents (0.00 MB) now displays the disk space calculation in a pop-up.

  • You can now enter non-Latin characters into the Kudos module fields and on the Accident and Pro. Mem tabs.

  • Modified the Documents form. Now, when you create a Read & Accept document and choose the Sensitive checkbox, the system automatically selects the Show to Employee option for you. Also, once an employee has accepted a Read & Accept document, you can no longer change its Sensitivity.

    For more information on creating Read & Accept documents, refer to Working with Read & Accept

  • A Community Background field now displays in My Details > Personal when selecting Northern Ireland from the Country drop-down on the Contract tab.

    For more information on this, refer to Update your Personal Details

August 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Increased the number of custom fields in the system, making it more flexible. You can now have a maximum of the following field types:

    • Date = 15

    • Employee = 5

    • Lookup = 15

    • Memo = 5

    • Number = 5

    • Text = 15

    • Tick = 5

  • The Create New Employee form now has an Absence When an employee or worker is absent from work. This can be for a variety of reasons. Year Start Date option.

    This field only displays for companies with Employee Absence Year enabled.

    Refer to Add a new Employee for information on adding a new employee.

  • New functionality allows you to upload/download documents using the Android app.

July 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Increased the Additional Medical field character limit from 500 to 1000 characters.

  • You can now download payslips on the Android app.

June 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Legacy Time Rules have now expired. You must recreate these rules to make sure employees are paid correctly.

    Refer to Create a Time Rule for guidance on how to recreate your existing rules or create new ones.

  • Updated Time Rules to allow you to use the Amount of hours worked trigger after selecting Linked to Salary/Rate.

  • Quick Reports > Schedule Report now has a Send to Email Address option, allowing you to send a report to an external email.

    Refer to Schedule a Quick Report for more information.

  • Updated My Details > Personal to include options for Car Registration and Driving Licence No. We have also added these options to the Employee and Personal API.

  • The Employee API now includes options for Additional Medical Details, Gender Identity and Nationality.

  • Updated the SRA Diversity Questionnaire for 2023.

    For more information about the updates, refer to the SRA website (opens in a new window).

April 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

March 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Added functionality to allow you to view your Time Rules before applying them.

    Refer to Preview your Time Rules for more information.

  • All users must soon enter an email address in the Username field to access the system.

    This follows our move to IRIS Identity.

February 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • Introduced new functionality to allow HR bureaus to access and manage their clients' HR systems. Refer to Getting Started - HR Bureau for more information.

  • Increased the document upload limit in the Recruit module to 10MB.

January 2023

Product Enhancements

Core HR

  • You can now download documents related to Time and Expense submissions using the Document Export.

  • Added a tick box under the Mandatory column in the Screen Builder for Core fields.

  • Updated System Configuration to include a new Read-Only Employee Number option and renamed Generate Employee to Generate Employee Number.

  • Made Pay Period Frequency a mandatory field when creating a Pay Type.