Known issues in Staffology Payroll

This topic lists any outstanding known issues, together with any workarounds available. You can also view fixed issues.

Estimated fix dates (ETA) are subject to change.

Severity Detail Information ETA*


If you enter a continuous service date, it is not saved. This can impact statutory calculations. No known workaround. 30/12/23


The user is being logged out despite being active. No known workaround. 30/11/23

We are actively working to resolve these issues and will release fixes as soon as possible. ETA dates are subject to change.


Item Detail Fixed
Employer Portal Employer Portal with Multi Schedules not allowing New Starter entry when one schedule is set to approval. 21/11/23
Journal Journal imbalance for pension refund. 06/11/23
Rollback Rollback state not editable when pension is included within the payroll run. 24/10/23


Severity Description


Large impact on employees and can impact the payroll run.


May take additional time to workaround or complete the payroll.


Should have a minimum impact on the day to day running of the software.

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