Add Notification Email addresses in System Configuration

To ensure system administrators receive notifications when users update their Personal, Contract, or Payroll tabs, add a notification email address in System Configuration.

System Set Up steps:

Step 1: Welcome Email| Step 2: Add Lookups | Step 3: Add Notification Emails | Step 4: Add Employees

After adding the additional email addresses, updates in the Personal, Contract, or Payroll tabs trigger notification emails. Because of this, we recommend adding employees' details into the system first then configuring the Personal, Contract and Payroll screen fields in the Builder. This prevents the user who is notified about any updates in these tabs being inundated with emails. Data imports do not trigger the notification emails.

Update System Configuration with notification email addresses:

  1. Log into Staffology HR.

  2. Go to System Tools > Utilities > Tools > System Configuration.

    In the Update Email and Absence When an employee or worker is absent from work. This can be for a variety of reasons. Email fields, an existing dummy email displays. Do not remove these addresses, as leaving the mandatory field blank may prevent turning off email notifications in the future.


The emails shown in the screenshot above will be different to the ones shown in System Configuration.

  1. After the dummy email, add a semi-colon (;) and enter the address where you want to receive updates.

  2. Enter the appropriate email addresses in the Update Email, Absence Email and Payroll Email fields. If you are not using Payroll, leave this blank.

  3. Select Save when you have added the email addresses.