Add a new Directory tab

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Add a new Directory

Follow these steps to add another tab in Directories.

  1. Go to System Tools > Lookup Tables > Other > Directory.

  2. Select Create New.

  3. In Lookup, enter a directory name.

  4. Select the Exclude from Headcount checkbox if you do not want employees added to this directory to include in your company's headcount (optional).

  5. Select the Where Clause Allows you filter records using a specific criteria. Builder icon and create a clause to only allow employees in this directory access to view it (optional).

    Save the Directory before adding the Where Clause. Reopen the Directory after saving and add the clause.

  6. Select Save.

  7. The new Directory you have added should now show in Directories.

    Add an employee to a new Directory

  8. Go to Directories in the navigation menu and search for the required employee.

  9. Select the required employee's record and choose Edit.

    You can also select the edit icon displayed on the employee's name:

  10. Select Contract.

  11. Select Directory and choose the directory you want to assign to this employee:

  1. Select Save.

  2. The system updates, and the employee will move into the chosen directory.:

The Employee Directory is set as a standard and displays even if there are no employees within it.