Update Username and Password settings

To manage your company's username and password policies:

  1. Go to System Tools > Utilities > Company > Username & Password Management and complete the following fields:

Field Description
Min. Username Characters / Min. Password Characters Set the minimum number of characters a user can use in their username/password.
Reset on First Login
Select this to force users already logged into the system to reset their password on their next login.
Reset After Days To force users to change their password after a certain number of days, enter a number here.
Invitation Email Expiry (hours) Specify when the link in your invitation email expires.
  • Mixed Characters, min. 1 Numeric

  • Mixed Characters, min. 2 Numeric

  • Min. 1 Upper case & 1 Numeric

  • Min. 1 Upper case, 1 Lower case & 1 Numeric

  • Min. 1 Upper case, 1 Lower case, 1 Numeric & 1 Special Character

Select these indicators to specify the password format.
Password Message box
Add a message to appear in the system if a user formats their password incorrectly.

Send Invitation Emails

From Username & Password Management, select Actions > Send Invitations Emails to send the invitation to all employees without login credentials or use the Employee Selector to specify who should receive the invitation.

Once you have chosen the employees, select Send Invitations Emails.