Change your system to a different Language

If you are an administrator, find out how to change the system language for all employees. Multi-language is only available if you have purchased the feature. Contact your Account Manager/Support for more information.

Change your system's language from your Login screen

  1. Go to your Login screen.

  2. At the bottom of your screen, choose the language you want to set for your system from the list.

  3. Enter your login details and select Sign in.

    The system updates to the selected language, provided your company has the multi-language feature.

Change your system language from your Homepage

The languages available in the Language Selector depend on the options your company has purchased.

  1. Log into Staffology HR.

  2. To choose your preferred language, go to the top navigation menu on your homepage and select the Language Selector icon.

  3. Choose the language you want to set your system to.

  4. After selecting the language, your Login screen opens.

    The text on your login screen should have updated to your chosen language.

  5. Log into your system.